Cook food for the spirits of Limbo in this short game, built by AmberFallStudio and Saondberg for the jam.

Use your arrow keys to move and spacebar to begin entering cooking combos. Check the blue bar at the bottom of the game window for hints while you play.

Can you help these spirits move on from Limbo?


Saondberg - Programming, Music, and SFX

AmberFallStudio - Art, Animations, and Programming

Thank you to Camellina for the free pixel art font: Rainy Hearts on

And thank you to everyone in the community who helped us play test and solve bugs!

Clone the repository here:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsMaya Carter, Saondberg, Ludamite
Tagscook, Cute, Food, Open Source, Short


Download 12 MB
Download 12 MB
Download 12 MB


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Very nice concept, beautiful graphics, original game mechanics. Great work!


I really really like this game

Cute, with a surprisingly bittersweet end! Not just for the main character, but all those poor souls who went without their food because I wasn't fast enough.

A really nice blend of simple mechanics with gameplay that still felt complex with a ticking clock element. It took an embarrassing amount of time for me to wrap my head around how to play efficiently and I always felt so rushed to cook that I couldn't pick up on the clues of my customers.


I love that lamp! What a high quality lamp... 


A game with a bright future. 

Thank you! :D We appreciate you coming out to play our game!


I loved the graphics, the music and especially the mechanics. Having played it while still in development, I really liked how in the final iteration recipes could still be made if you could figure them out (or remembered them) despite not having yet bought them.


Thanks for playing and the kind words! I appreciate you play testing during the jam as well :D

Looks beautiful

Thanks Hederlunden! :D